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    I hope you are as excited as I am about this New Revolutionary Product which is now available to the Public!  Purchase in bulk and save!!!!!  8 pounds (5% Discount) - 12 pounds (10% Discount) - 16 pounds (15% Discount) - 20 pounds (20% Discount)

    Introducing Bubblecream Soap Frosting.  This is 100% Vegan, Real Soap which can be used to pipe the tops of Hot Process Soap, Cold Process Soap, Melt & Pour Soap and Bath Bombs, etc.  Our Bubblecream Soap Frosting is S.O.A.P and is created using skin-loving oils such as Palm, Coconut, Castor & Canola Oil. It does "not" contain, nor is it made using M&P - Melt & Pour soap which may contain harmful and toxic ingredients such as Propylene Glycol and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Nor does it contain Titanium Dioxide. Our Bubblecream Soap Frosting is a natural, vibrant white color all on its own. Remember, if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin!

    So how do you use our Bubblecream Soap Frosting?  You simply melt it in the microwave, whip it up and pipe it using your piping bag. The soap is dry to the touch within an hour and is ready to package within 24-48 hours. The texture of our Bubblecream Soap Frosting dries hard and looks just like real Buttercream Frosting.  And guess what?  You can Pipe it as High as you like.  And if you make a mistake and want a "do-over" don't worry!  You can "remelt" it and do it ALL over again!  Woo Hoo!  Is that cool or what?  And for all you Hot Process Soapmakers who are dying to make soaps with a Spoon Top Texture, hold on, no worries!  We've gotcha covered! Because you can now create those lovely tops using our Bubblecream Soap Frosting!  One pound pipes approximately 20 cupcakes!  So two pounds will pipe approximately 40 Cupcakes!  Wow!

    Our Bubblecream Soap Frosting is made in small batches. We do not use machines or assembly lines when producing our soap.  It's naturally bubbly and creamy and does not contain SLSA or any Artificial Surfactants. It’s non-drying and guaranteed to leave your skin feeling clean and moisturizing. It also has a pH of 7-8, is naturally white in color, has no odor and very easy to use.  Have you always wanted to make soap with beautiful Piped Tops but tired of using the "Fake" products full of "Nasty" chemicals, and tired of the inconsistent results?   Well try our New Bubblecream Soap Frosting as the perfect replacement.  You will absolutely love the results. 

    Key Ingredients:  Palm, Castor & Coconut Oil,

    Best Used By:  6 to 12 months from date of purchase.


    Ingredients Needed:

    Bubblecream Soap Frosting

    Powder or Liquid Colorant   

    1 Teaspoon of Fragrance/Essential Oil per every "4 ounces" of Frosting or follow manufacturer's recommended rate.  

    4 Ounces = 1 Teaspoon

    8 Ounces = 2 Teaspoons

    12 Ounces = 3 Teaspoons

    16 ounces = 4 Teaspoons


    Equipment Needed:


    Microwave Oven

    12-inch or larger, Piping/Pastry Bag or Decorator Pro

    Laser Digital Thermometer

    Hand Mixer with Whisk Attachment or Stand Mixer

    4-cup Plastic Mixing Cup or Bowl




    Prepare your Piping bag, Fragrance Oil/Essential Oil, and Colorant ahead of time. 

    Quick Directions: Note: Do NOT overheat.  You may add Titanium Dioxide for a "whiter" frosting.  For 8 oz. Frosting it takes approximately 15 seconds, so watch closely. Make sure mix is totally Melted & Hot or Frosting will "not" get hard.)

    Step 1:  Add Frosting to Microwave Safe Bowl.  Melt in microwave at 5 to 10-second intervals until your mix reaches approximately 125-135 degrees and is smooth & lump free.  Remember to stir each time after removing from the microwave so you may get a true and correct temperature.

    Step 2:  Add Colorant or Titanium Dioxide and Fragrance & whip/whisk briskly on low until your Frosting looks like Buttercream Frosting.  If runny or thin keep whipping. Frosting should be ready to pipe at approximately 100-95 degrees.

    Step 3;  Fill your piping bag and pipe away!  No rush!  Yes, it’s that simple!  Have fun and be creative!

    *Note:  If frosting gets too thick, or you don´t like your finished product, you can melt & rewhip again. This is 100% Real Soap, so Fragrance Oils containing Vanillin will turn your Frosting darker.  You may use Melt & Pour Soap to attach Frosting to Bath Bombs after Frosting has been piped and is fully dry. 

    Frosting is ready to package in 24 to 48 hours under normal conditions.  You may place finished product in front of a fan for faster drying times.  Frosting can be used on top of Hot Process, Cold Process & Melt & Pour Soap & Bath Bombs.  Store unused Bubblecream Soap Frosting in an Airtight Container.  You may also add your colorant to your Bubblecream Soap Frosting before placing in the microwave. 

    *Note:  To melt 4 ounces in a 1000-watt microwave it takes approximately 30 seconds.

    To melt 8 ounces in a 1000-watt microwave it takes approximately 1 minute.  All microwave ovens vary in temperature.

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