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    I hope you are as excited as I am about our new addition to Rose of Sharon Soapery! 

    Save time and money from having to weigh and mix oils for your Hot Process Soap Recipe. All the hard work is done for you! You will be able to produce a Hard, Creamy and Bubbly bar of soap that you, your family and your customers will love. No more guessing or fumbling around with expensive recipes and not getting the results you want.

    All you need to do is add your Lye Water and any additional additives, and off you go!  If you want Guaranteed results, and Fluid Hot Process Soap in "less" than 10 minutes, I suggest using our Hot Process "Fast-N-Quick Mix" with the SJHP/SBHP method.  You may purchase the eBook Tutorial & Recipes here:  https://roseofsharonsoapery.com/collections/ebooks-1/products/ebook-set-includes-sjhp-sbhp-tutorial-and-hot-process-recipes

    Our Hot Process "Fast-N-Quick Mix" uses a combination of oils and butters which makes this the perfect recipe for cooking Hot Process Soap in under 10 minutes whether using the SJHP (Sharon Johnson Hot Process) method or SBHP (Stick Blend Hot Process) method or any Hot Process method using the crock pot, stove top, oven, or microwave oven. So what are you waiting for!  Order today!


    Fast-N-Quick Mix

    2% Superfat

    Lye Amount

    5% Superfat

    Lye Amount





    32 oz.

    4.65 oz.

    4.50 oz.

    11.20 oz.

    12.20 oz.

    36 oz.

    5.25 oz.

    5.10 oz.

    12.60 oz.

    13.70 oz.

    40 oz.

    5.85 oz.

    5.65 oz.

    14.00 oz.

    15.20 oz.

    42 oz.

    6.10 oz.

    5.95 oz.

    14.70 oz.

    16.00 oz.

    50 oz.

    7.30 oz.

    7.05 oz.

    17.50 oz.

    19.00 oz.

    60 oz.

    8.75 oz.

    8.50 oz.

    21.00 oz.

    22.80 oz.

    80 oz.

    11.65 oz.

    11.30 oz.

    28.00 oz.

    30.40 oz.


     Please note:  Water percentage amounts have been “Rounded UP” to accommodate all scales.  Example:  12.16 has been Rounded Up to 12.20.  Remember, never, ever “Round Up” Lye Amounts.

    Main Ingredients:  Palm, Coconut, Castor, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter.

  • Fast-N-Quick Mix
  • Fast-N-Quick Mix
  • Fast-N-Quick Mix
  • Fast-N-Quick Mix
  • Fast-N-Quick Mix

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