• Cashmere Clear Liquid Gel Soap - Decorative Bottle

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    Feel free to give this absolutely beautiful bottle as a gift or keep it for yourself.  It's almost too pretty to use!

    Our Cashmere Clear, Liquid Gel Soap is Vegan, 100% Handmade Liquid Soap and contains only skin-loving oils such as Olive, Coconut & Castor.  This soap is naturally bubbly and full of lather.  Plain and simple...Gentle enough for a baby and excellent for sensitive skin.  Our liquid soap paste is made in small batches and is hot process soap that has been diluted.  This soap is thick and full of body, so you only need a quarter size amount for your entire body.  A little goes a long way.  And I guarantee you will immediately notice a difference in how your skin feels afterwards!  Yes, soft and silky!

    If you are using commercial Shower Gels and Body Washes, etc. you are essentially washing with water and toxic chemicals and surfactants such as Cocamidopropyl Betaine, which is associated with irritation and allergic contact dermatitis; MEA, an ingredient which has been linked to liver tumors; and Methylisothiazolinone which is neurotoxic and associated with allergies. 

    So love the skin you're in!  If you won't put it in your mouth, don't put it on your skin! 

    At Rose of Sharon Soapery, we only make our Liquid Soap in small batches to ensure quality and integrity.  Our soaps are all handmade the old-fashioned, hot process way with the best oils and butters to give you a smooth, creamy lather with tons of bubbles and ultimate moisturization.  You won't ever go back to commercial soaps again!

    Net Weight is 8.30 ounces.

  • Cashmere Clear Liquid Gel Soap - Decorative Bottle
  • Cashmere Clear Liquid Gel Soap - Decorative Bottle

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