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I'm a beginner but I can say this.....I haven't messed up a batch yet and that's more than most people can say. Why experiment and fail when you can buy the book and learn how to do it right the first time. I'm not saying I did it perfect, but it wasn't a failure by any means. T. Graham

Sharon...I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Since trying your method and using your recipes I have not had a failed batch of soap. I was getting frustrated because I am new at this and I hated to see my good oils go to waste. I had to order more and pay delivery fee, which was almost just as much as the oil. It is not like I can go into Walmart and get Palm Oil, at least not to my knowledge. My batter is getting more fluid each times I do it and I am very happy with my results. You have shorten my soaping failures so much that it has save me time and money. Everyone was helpful here, but I still was not getting it until I got your book and then it was like a light bulb going off. A lot of people have been soaping for a long time and I needed someone to hold my hands and your book did that. You said in your book that your method was for advance soapers and a person should make a few successful batches before trying your method, but actually your book is for anyone that understand the basic about HP soap, I could not make a few successful batches until I read your book, it will turn anyone a professional soap maker. Thanks again. S. Shaw

I can't thank you enough Sharon Johnson. You are a gift and your ebook is priceless. Thank you for sharing this method with the soaping world. R. Imperiale

Thank you so much for your wonderful method! This is one of your recipes from your e-book and what a difference it made! I can see you didn't just throw this method together. It is clearly well thought out and the recipes themselves compliment the whole process! This was so much fun to make! J. Lellman

Sharon explains everything in her e-book. I promise, it IS the best investment I've made. Clearly this e-book has taken soap making to a new dimension plus saved soapers a lot of money on mistakes......... Before I purchased her book I'm sure I was top of the list of rebatchers!!! Really try and get it - save yourself a lot of money, a lot of time, and enjoy a beautiful soaping experience.  M. Perepeczko

The cons: NOT for a beginner. Not for those afraid to try something different or new. Does have specific instructions.
Pros: Fluid, cooked soap. Soap that is ready in 10-1
5 minutes. A new and VERY interesting way of soaping to watch.
Here's why I wrote the last pro and why I say this method IS indeed fun. I love HP and usually use the crockpot. Occasionally I use the microwave. When I used her method the first time, I was in total awe. It was like watching a crockpot in "fast forward". I really could not believe what I was seeing because I was watching ALL the hot process stages except instead of 30-45 mins, it was 10! Oh, it was indeed, very fun!!! Dangerous??? Maybe. But the trade off is having soap from bang to boogie in 10 mins. And I zap test so I KNOW it's done. I think it's normal to be skeptical, but definitely don't knock it 'till you try it.
S. McNeil Moise

I highly recommend Sharon's ebook. Priceless investment. The amount of time this method will save you is invaluable. This ebook will save you not only time but countless hours of experimenting with recipes as recipes are included. She guarantees results. You can't beat that.  J. Sumner

Sharon's eBook with her unique process allows me to make a complete batch of soap in under an (including cleanup and weighing and prepping), then the batch sets in the freezer for 4 hours then it is time to unmold and cut. I usually try to let it set for a day then it is time to use it. I heart emoticon this process. Gives me a creamy bar, when I pour it is fluid so I can get swirls (or try to) and then I have a fantastic looking bar of soap. T. Hodges

Thanks for adding me Sharon I also bought the ebook. I made soap today using you recipe and followed the instructions to the tee! My soap was so fluid I was ready to turn cartwheels! I have to tell everyone that is hesitating on buying the ebook DON'T!! It was a sacrifice for me to buy it but I'm thrilled I did!  M. Elaine

I did it! Made my first soap via SJHP / SBHP!! I read the book first, which I highly recommend and because the directions are so clear, I had no issues. I used one Sharon's recipes, which I also recommend, and made a cute little 1 lb. batch (my cheap mold bows though which is a bummer ). Having made a lot of soap via crockpot HP, I was able to recognize the steps, which are clearly documented in the book. Thanks Sharon for your fantastic book and for coming up with this cool way to make soap! I am hooked. Already made a second full sized batch.  M. Elmore

I followed to the tee. I was amazed at how as I was reading on my laptop my soap was doing exactly what the book was describing! It will be a game changer for me. M. Hammond

It's official! I'm in love with the SBHP method...I can see where I can make the soaps better/more appealing but I'm just amazed at how I can actually make soap in 10 minutes! K. Thompson

Good morning Sharon! Thanks to your method, I landed my first wholesale account! The owner always liked my soaps but did not want to wait 4-6 weeks. I shared this weekend's creations and she wants to stock them! Thank you so much! K. Thompson

 I am no expert by any stretch of one's imagination and I had not hot processed before using Sharon's method. I have consistently been doing 6# batches and finally think I have the hang of it now. This week I have made two loaves and both were so fluid ... almost like running water.  J. Peck

First time using the SJHP method and I'm NEVER going back.... Wow!! Almost 60 oz of PUMPKIN GINGER CHAI soap - made with organic pumpkin purée for some of the water and also added after cook. Love it!!! S. Milan

My first time using Sharon ebook and sbhp soap. I made think it turned out great. This is scented with my own gold. Thanks for your support. I made it last night and cut within three hours. Yea.  A. Sayer

Oatmeal/Honey HP Soap...using Sharon Johnson technique! They are getting smoother and smoother Sharon with each attempt! Its unbelievable! I believe I am officially addicted to SBHP.  I just keep making soap. Its so darn quick now!  I would like to thank you Sharon for sharing your soaping techniques with us. You are surely amazing along with your products! This is my attempt at SBHP T. Brown

I recently took my love of making soaps serious enough to start a business. The one thing I love about what you have done Sharon is you have given people not only the opportunity to invest in their craft with your E-Book but also a powerful tool to invest in their business. I have made four loaves of HP soaps in one day and that is due to the unbelievable amount of little time it takes to make HP now using your method! Not to mention the freedom of being so creative with it! I have spent more money on molds, time and guess work with fingers cross making my CP soaps then I could ever spend purchasing your E-Book. It is well worth the investment! Kudos to you! T. Brown

OMG, purchased ebook yesterday and had to give it a try! All I kept saying OMG! The batter was so fluid even before I added sour cream ( that's right, didn't have yogurt) and it becomes even more fluid! I had two colors mixed, so I hurried and mixed one more and did a drop swirl! Clean up was a joy! LOVE! Thank you Sharon Johnson!  This book will change your soaping experience 100% in the best direction.  M. Street

This is the bastille recipe made this morning from Sharon's ebook and is the best result I have gotten from any process or any recipe using this mold. It is tinted slightly greener than the pic shows and scented with Tuscan olive leaf fo. Although my favorite mold, until now, it was almost impossible to get good results from. I am going to make another batch of bastille this afternoon. The only recipe I haven't made yet is the lard oil recipe. Coming soon! K. Roscoe

Holy cow! I just made the Wally World recipe from Sharon's ebook and it is an amazing recipe. It feels just like a very high end, luxury soap (as I call my soaps that have lots of shea and mango butters). I did the secret feather swirl and that remains to be seen but the soap is lovely! Has anyone else made it? I have gone crazy with the recipes in the ebook and am making soap almost daily! K. Roscoe

Sharon Johnson's E book is now available. This is a New Revolutionary method for hot Process soap that, other than changing my soaping life, takes 10 minutes from adding the lye to having true blue ready to use soap! and clean-up is a breeze because everything is coated with soap, not process... you really need to check it out.  This morning I made a batch of Oat milk and Honey soap and from adding the lye water to putting it in the Freezer for 2 hours, took me all of 25 minutes and that INCLUDES the clean-up. I am ready to set up and do another batch. After my soap comes out of the freezer and I cut it, I will give it 2 days to dry, and basically it is ready to sell...it is a FANTASTIC way to soap without those interminable waiting for curing times of 6 to 8 weeks... M. Torrealba