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    Please Note:  eBooks are non-refundable,  NOT printable but viewable only,  This eBook will be "personalized" using your personal information and will be in PDF Format.  Please allow at least 24 hours to receive your download link.

    "Sure, you can invest in a Soap MOLD and change a Bar of Soap; Or you can invest in my eBook and change your Soaping Career!"

    Even if you have never done Hot Process Soapmaking before, you will be well on your way to making Smooth and Fluid Hot Process Soap with this easy to follow 70-Page eBook, which is a Color-Photo Heavy, Step-By-Step Tutorial and Guide to Making Hot Process Soap in less than 10 minutes with a Stick Blender using the SJHP (Sharon Johnson Hot Process) aka SBHP (Stick Blend Hot Process) Method. 

    The Hot Process Recipes included in this eBook are Fail-Proof and "Guaranteed" to work with the SJHP/SBHP method or any Hot Process Method such as the Crock Pot, Oven or Stove Top to create a smooth, fluid soap batter, as well as a Hard, Creamy, Conditioning and Bubbly Bar of Soap!  So get ready to create swirls, layers and designs like never before.

    With the purchase of the eBook you may be selected to have exclusive access to our "secret" Facebook Forum called HP Extreme University where you can get additional help and assistance from Sharon Johnson and other well-trained Admins.  So be sure to send Sharon Johnson a "friend" request so you may be added to the group.  Please Note:  Membership is at the discretion of Sharon Johnson and admission is not guaranteed.

    Along with Hot Process Recipes, the Material Covered in this eBook Tutorial include the following:

    Equipment Checklist

    Let’s talk about the “Stick Blender”

    Why a Stick Blender?

    Let’s talk about the “Bowl”

    Let’s talk about the “Crock Pot”

    Let’s talk about the “Oils”

    Let’s talk about the “Lye Water Solution”

    WAIT!   Did I Do Something Wrong?

    At a Snail’s Pace So Can We Cut to the Chase?

    If All Else Fails

    FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

    Wrapping It All Up

    Quick Tips

    My Favorite Things

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