• Natural Skincare

    Why make the switch to Natural Skincare?

    Natural, organic, “clean” beauty - however you choose to describe it, there’s no denying that’s it’s the biggest trend in skincare today. And sure, it sounds good - who would choose “dirty” over “clean” afterall? But beyond the buzz words, (most of which don’t have any legally-defined meaning anyway), there are some really great reasons to make the switch to natural skincare. Read on to find out why natural products are better for both you and for the environment.

    You already know: what goes on also goes in. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and while it’s job is to provide a literal barrier to protect from unwanted chemicals, some 60% of them get absorbed- some even making it all the way through to your bloodstream. Harsh chemical additives found in mainstream cosmetic and skincare products have the potential to cause serious health issues including skin allergies, hormone disruption and even cancer. Studies have found that the chemicals in these products we use everyday can affect everything from our reproductive, immune and nervous systems to our moods. 

    These chemicals in our beauty and skincare products have almost no regulation by the FDA, and only a small percentage of them have safety data. There are many chemicals still used in the US that other countries have banned specifically due to safety concerns. But honestly, we really don’t know what’s safe and what’s not. There is no way to no for sure because most of these chemicals have never been reviewed by a third party.

    If you’re anything like me, “might be safe” isn’t exactly encouraging when it comes to my health and that of my family. Crossing our fingers hoping for safety isn’t nearly the same as trusting in the safety of a product. In this case, opting for all natural products alleviates any potential concerns.

    If that isn’t reason enough, chemical-laden products can also have a direct negative impact on our environment. These same chemicals that we are worried about using on our own skin, will inevitably end up down the drain, in the air, and in the soil, harming the organisms that live there. And that is to say nothing of the plastic containers and bottles that contain our beauty products that are filling landfills on the daily.

    And finally- they work. Natural skincare products contain skin-loving ingredients like nourishing cold-pressed oils, hydrating organic botanicals, skin-clearing herbs and more. They are brimming with active ingredients that will take care of your skin. Of course, it is always on the consumer to make sure that the “natural” a skincare product is claiming aligns with what you believe natural to mean.

    So if you’re looking for a laidback, easy and carefree health and beauty lifestyle, one that you can trust both works as well as upholds your values and commitment to health going natural is definitely the way to go.

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