• The Benefits of Sugar Scrubs

    Sugar has been on the receiving end of some negative press lately. It’s the most recent demonized ingredient of our daily diet...but, no matter how you feel about sugar in your coffee or sugar on your plate, there is one place that sugar should definitely still be: on your face.

    You already know that regular exfoliation helps to speed up your skin's own regeneration process by removing dead skin cells and helping pores that have been clogged up with lotions, sunscreen and body oils leaving refreshed and smoother skin.

    The small white, brown or raw sugar particles are excellent candidates for exfoliating the dead or damaged skin cells on your face, which in turn helps reveal the fresh, cleansed skin underneath for a natural glow!

    A Sugar Scrub is the best way to achieve this! A typical Sugar Scrub, made up of a combination of nourishing botanical oils and some sugar variation, is used as a physical exfoliation to brighten tired or dull looking skin.

    Best used before or during your shower or bath for a gentle yet serious exfoliation that will leave your skin soft and smooth. 

    Using sugar as the primary “abrasive” ingredient is great for your skin for a number of reasons. First, sugar is more gentle on the skin than that of its salt scrub counterpart. This makes it a better choice for those with sensitive skin and the best choice when it comes to your face. Sugar scrubs don’t contain the irritating ingredients that you might find in a comparable scrub with plastic microbeads from your local drugstore. These harsh ingredients can leave your skin dry and stripped of its natural oils - which is exactly the opposite of what you’re going for with your exfoliation routine. Finally, sugar itself is a natural humectant, which means it retains moisture as well as draws it in from the environment and into your skin- leaving you not only freshly exfoliated but moisturized as well.

     Even with a sugar scrub, you’ll still want to be gentle with the delicate skin on your face. Using the scrub in circular motions throughout your face and neck with just a slight bit of pressure is best. A sugar scrub can be used 2-3 times per week for healthy, smooth and soft skin. And it doesn’t have to be left to just your face! You can also use on your legs before shaving, before a spray tan, or when you have irritating ingrown hairs.

    Start your weekly exfoliation routine with a sugar scrub and your healthy, flawless skin will thank you!

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